* Allows you to play MP3+G files on your Computer. Protects your initial investment in your disc based CDG collection. No longer will you have to lug around your valuable CDG's and worry about them getting damaged when doing your shows. Just convert them to MP3+G and you're set (Require's a separate MP3+G conversion utility available on the internet from the likes of Powerkaraoke and Tricerasoft)

* Separate display windows for your program control/Singer Song Queue, Lyrics display, and Next Singer. This allows you to have separate windows on a multi-monitor configuration, Show your Lyrics separately on a screen display for your singer along with the Next singer to perform between songs and use the second display for administration of the program and conducting your karaoke shows.

* Built in Database import, edit, and search functions allow you to add, edit, and look up songs in your database by Artist Name, Track Name, Disc Name, etc. with just a few keystrokes. No more fumbling through your disc's or songbooks to find a given song.

*Onscreen singers queue for adding songs with a click of your mouse, then just type in the singer's name and your set. Allows you to add, position or delete singers in any given spot in the queue should you need to change the respective position of a singer in the song rotation. The listing shows singers name, artist and track number of the song to be played.

* Key change function allows you to step the song key up or down in twelve steps either direction when songs are added to the song queue. Will automatically shift the key when the song is started.

* Time display shows total time of the selected song along with elapsed time so you'll know how soon to get the next singer ready.

* Handy start, pause and stop buttons for controlling the playing of songs right on the screen.

* 15 user defined options for fills / jingles etc allow you to assign sound / utility files to be played automatically, great for adding sound effects, applause sound files, cheers and even fill music

* Handles zipped MP3+G files thus reducing the file space and file counts required with non-zipped files.

* Automatically adds songs sung to history for quick retrieval if the customer returns to one of you shows

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